Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Using GPS in Sirsi

Some of us were curious: where exactly are the places we are visiting this week? But it's difficult to chart our travels on a map, since the village of Hallusarige (population 194) is certainly not on your average map, and foreigners like us can't necessarily find the places we visited within the town of Sirsi. So, in order to help us locate some of these places, we are creating our own map of our trip. We're putting it together with the help of two GPS units that we carry along with us.

At each interesting site we visit, we place a marker on the GPS unit, and the device is able to tell us our exact coordinates. Then we post each place, and a picture of it, on the constantly-growing map of our trip, which is posted online. For example, when a village farmer showed us how he pollinates vanilla plants by hand, we marked that place and put it on the map. When we saw a biogas generator in the village, we put that on the map. And when we visited the bustling marketplace and the Hindu temple in Sirsi, we added those to our map as well.

Our map and photo collection will keep growing as we visit more places in and around the town of Sirsi. Check it out on the web! You can find it here.


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